Utility News: Neither Sunday nor any festival, still why banks remain closed on April 1, know


The month of March is about to end and this month is the last month of the financial year for the banks. In such a situation, closing takes place in the banks on 31st March and on the next day, on 1st April, there is a holiday in the banks. But today let's try to know why this holiday is held. 

By the way, let us tell you that this time on March 31 i.e. Friday, all the banks will remain open for 24 hours. However, on this day the entry of customers will remain closed in the bank. In such a situation, on this day banks do their own work, which remains the padding of the whole year or whatever is left. 

Do you know why there is a holiday in banks on 1st April?

According to the information, the financial year ends on March 31 in banks and due to the full day's work, there is no entry of common customers on the next day i.e. April 1. However, if you want, you can do all the work online.