Utility News: Investing 100 rupees daily in this post office scheme, you will get about ten lakh rupees on maturity


One can also get good returns by investing in post office. Investment made in any post office scheme is almost completely safe. You, we are going to give you information about the Post Office Public Provident Fund Scheme ie PPF.

Under the rates announced by the government on small deposits, the interest rate on PPF has already been announced at 7.10 percent. In this post office scheme, a person can invest at least five hundred rupees in a financial year. There is no limit on the maximum investment.

The maturity period for investing in this scheme is 15 years. By investing Rs 100 daily in this scheme, you will get Rs 989931 on maturity. While your investment during this period will be only Rs.547500. For this reason, PPF will prove to be a profitable deal for the people. Complete information about this scheme can be obtained from the post office.