Utility News: If you pick up the phone and give this information, your bank account will be empty, and you will have to do this work


Nowadays, many types of fraud cases are coming to the fore in the matter of online banking. In such a situation, people get cheated of thousands of lakhs of rupees. Doing all the banking work through a smartphone or laptop is causing a big loss. In such a situation, another case of fraud has come to the fore and that is of Vishing.

With you or your relatives, Vishing fraudsters try to take confidential information from you on phone calls. In these, they try to get a User ID, OTP, URN, Card PIN, and CVV. These people claim to be representatives of the bank and collect personal information from customers over the phone.

Your bank should know about your details. Don't do this on every call. Don't share your details. Do not call the number given in any phone message or give any personal or account details. Do not call the number received in the email or SMS.