Utility News: If you are buying an old car or bike then check these things, otherwise you may have to repent


Many times we buy old cars or bikes according to lack of money and need. In such a situation, you must have done this at one time or the other, otherwise, before going ahead, we are telling you what things you have to keep in mind before buying an old vehicle. 

Number 1

If you are taking an old car or bike, then you should first check the model number of the vehicle, and its parts. Also, you have to get it checked that when was its last service done, and whether it has engine oil or not.

Number 2

After this, you must check the documents of the vehicle. Documents like RC, Insurance, and PUC are necessary for the vehicle. If the car is 15 years old, then don't buy it. Along with this, see if there is any challan with the vehicle.