Utility News: Benefit of ten thousand rupees is being given to the Jan Dhan account!


A large number of Jan Dhan accounts have been opened in the country by the Central Government. The purpose of opening Jan Dhan accounts on behalf of the government was to reach banking facilities to every section and rural area.


If you also have an open Jan Dhan account, then you can take advantage of ten thousand rupees through it. If you have zero balance in your Jan Dhan account, you can get an overdraft of up to Rs 10,000. 

Account-holders whose Jan Dhan account is six months old can get an overdraft of ten thousand rupees on their account. Earlier the amount of overdraft was only Rs 5000. Recently, it has been increased to 10 thousand rupees by the central government.


The age of the person should not be more than 65 years to avail of the facility of overdraft. Those whose accounts is not six months old can also take advantage of an overdraft facility. However, these people will get an overdraft of only two thousand rupees.