UPSC: Hindi medium students lagging behind in civil services examination, difficult words cause trouble


The nation's most prestigious exam, the widest range of questions, and the challenge of giving the best answers in stipulated time. If you can't figure out the meaning of the questions in the midst of this, then your continuous studies of years and the dream of becoming an IAS increases the possibility of getting tarnished. The same is happening with the participants of the Civil Services Examination through the Hindi medium. The urge to become an IAS by studying in the mother tongue in this language only makes his dream of entering the service rare.


The statistics related to the success rate of Hindi medium participants in UPSC Civil Services are pointing in this direction. On September 24, 761 participants were selected in the declared result of the UPSC Civil Services Examination-2020. In this, the number of Hindi medium people was only between 25-30. At the same time, the topper of Hindi medium got a rank below 200. This is much worse than in many years.

Dard Hindi participant
Ruby Niajul, a student preparing for Hindi medium, says that it is difficult to understand the question. Many questions in the General Knowledge and CSAT papers of the Preliminary exam are out of the syllabus. The Hindi language is such that without reading the question in English it is not possible to understand it.


UPSC does not have the same level of competition
Generally, education in government schools and colleges is conducted in Hindi. Whereas students from top institutes of IIT and MBA also come in the civil services. Obviously, the competition is on an uneven level. Its effect is visible in the result. Coaching institutes use material from years old. They have a batch of 1200-1200. In such a situation, the quality of education of the students is not possible. In coaching, it is told to read the notes of the institute instead of the book. Due to this the level of information is reduced to one scope. Whereas the scope of the UPSC exam is unlimited.

last years figures
The highest scorer among Hindi medium participants in 2014 was ranked at 13.
In 2015 the figure was 61.

In 2016, three candidates from the Hindi medium in the top 50 managed to make it to the merit list.

The highest scorer in 2017 Hindi medium was ranked at 146.

Experts opinion
Sunil Expression, Director, Expression IAS says that Hindi participants have many challenges.

It is not easy for the contestants to get out among the rare Hindi words.
The participants of Hindi compete with such candidates who have studied from the top 20 colleges and universities.

The participants resort to coaching institutes to get selected in the civil services, but even their teachers do not leave the rut.

He gets his studies done around the Civil Services syllabus. Whereas questions in the exam come from outside many times.

About 50 percent of the participants are pre-selected to improve the ranking, increasing the problem of new participants.

Students preparing at home after finishing coaching are unable to update.

In a batch of more than 500 of many coaching, every participant does not have the teacher's attention while this exam requires each and every candidate to be polished.

civil services final result 2020
761 participants got selected in UPSC Civil Services 2020. 263 from the general category, 86 from EWS, 229 from OBC, 122 from SC, and 61 from the ST category.

UPSC does not release linguistic data. Coaching institutes collect this data at their level to prepare their strategy. Different institutes say that this time 25-30 participants were successful in getting selected in the Hindi medium.

The topper of Hindi medium stood at number 246 in the ranking.

In the merit list of 2018, the highest-scoring participant from the Hindi medium was at number 146.

In 2013, when UPSC changed the syllabus, 25 Hindi medium candidates were selected. Of these, only one could become an IAS. The highest scorer had a rank of 107.