UP Crime: The wife was having romance with another man in the bedroom, then the husband entered, then ....


In Noida, UP, a married woman was having an affair with her husband's friend. One day the husband saw both of them in an objectionable condition. After this, the woman along with her lover stabbed her husband to death with scissors. Then both of them absconded. But the police soon arrested the accused.

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It is said that love is blind. But sometimes love becomes so blind that it even makes people commit crimes. In Noida, Uttar Pradesh, a mother of three children had an affair with her husband's friend. When the husband caught them romancing in the bedroom, a bloody game ensued. The wife, along with her lover, killed the husband. The police have arrested both the accused. Now both will spend their lives behind bars.

The case is from Bironda village in Noida. Mahesh, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, got married to Puja 8 years ago. After marriage, they also had three children. Mahesh used to work as a toilet cleaner in Noida. A few days ago, Mahesh's friend Prahlad told him to leave the job of cleaning toilets. Prahlad told him about the job of a security guard. Mahesh agreed.

Prahlad then got him a job as a security guard in a company in Greater Noida. Prahlad would often visit Mahesh's house. During this time, an affair began between Prahlad and Mahesh's wife Pooja. They also had physical relations. When the children went to school and Mahesh went to work, Pooja would call Prahlad home. In this way, the two kept meeting secretly. But on June 23, Mahesh came home without informing anyone.

This is how the murder was carried out

As soon as he opened the bedroom door, the ground slipped under his feet. Mahesh saw that his wife was in an objectionable condition with his friend. He broke down on seeing this. He got very angry. He started scolding Prahlad. Then Prahlad saw a scissor in Mahesh's house. He killed Mahesh with the help of his girlfriend i.e. Mahesh's wife. Prahlad and his girlfriend kept stabbing Mahesh in the stomach and chest until he died. After this horrific incident, both fled from the spot. But the police soon arrested both of them. At present, further action is going on in the case.