UP Crime: The dacoits tied up the men and showed the sword to the women, this is how they robbed Rs 10 lakh


In Shamli, Uttar Pradesh, half a dozen miscreants broke into a businessman's house and carried out a robbery of more than Rs 10 lakh. During this, whoever in the house resisted, the miscreants beat him up badly and took everyone hostage at gunpoint and sword.

These two daughters were held hostage by the goons

On Tuesday night, miscreants barged into a businessman's house in Shamli, Uttar Pradesh. The miscreants climbed onto the roof using an iron pipe behind the house and entered the businessman's house. After this, the miscreants tied all the men in the house with ropes and overpowered the women with swords and guns. After this, they ransacked the entire house in about an hour. The miscreants looted goods worth more than Rs 10 lakh from this house. The miscreants also beat up anyone who tried to resist during the incident.

This incident is from Chausana of the district. After the miscreants left, the victim family freed themselves with great difficulty and informed the police. After this, the police arrived and after inspecting the spot, started searching for the miscreants. For this, blockades are being done in the entire district. The victim family told that the miscreants who came with swords and pistols first gathered the whole family at one place. During this, when the men present in the house tried to protest, the miscreants beat them with the butt of the pistol and then tied everyone with a rope and threw them aside.

Women were held hostage at sword point

Police reached the spot after getting the information and said that this incident happened at around 3 o'clock on Wednesday morning. Criminals entered the house of businessman Balvindra alias Billu who lives in a house at Sundarnagar Tiraha in Chausana area. As soon as they entered the house, these criminals held the family's two daughters Ruby and Shivani hostage at sword point. After this, when Balvindra tried to resist, the criminals hit him on the head with the butt of a gun and injured him badly. When his son, uncle and nephew came to save him, the criminals beat them up and tied them with a rope.

Blockade across the district

According to the police, the miscreants have looted cash worth two lakhs from this house. Apart from this, two gold rings, two gold earrings, a gold neckpiece, two silver anklets, a mangalsutra and a mobile phone have also been looted. SP Abhishek Jha, who reached the spot as soon as he got the information about the incident, inspected the spot and started investigating the case with the help of forensic team and dog squad. He told that while on one hand blockades are being done in the entire district to catch the miscreants, on the other hand, the help of manual and electronic surveillance is also being taken.