This dacoit can kill anyone by attacking with his head, now the video of him eating a live snake has gone viral


A video from Fatehpur in UP has gone viral on social media. In this, a person is seen catching a live snake from the river and eating it. This person is none other than dacoit Ganga Prasad Kewat. He was released from jail a few days ago. Regarding the viral video, the police said that they are investigating the matter.

Video of eating a live snake goes viral.

A video of dacoit Ganga Prasad Kewat in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh has gone viral these days. In this, he is seen eating a live snake. Ganga Prasad had come out of jail a few days ago after serving a life sentence. When the video of him eating a live snake went viral, the police immediately started investigating it. The case is from Kalka Ka Dera village of Kishanpur police station area.


Ganga Prasad has been a member of the dacoit Shankar Kewat gang. Shankar Kewat was killed by the police in an encounter. Along with this, Ganga Prasad Kewat was arrested by the police and sent to jail. He was sentenced to life imprisonment. A few days ago, he completed his sentence, after which he came out of jail.

When he did not get fish, he started eating snake. It is being told that this video of snake eating is of 6 days ago. When Ganga Prasad Kewat came to the village after serving his sentence in jail, he first started catching fish and eating it. After this, he started catching live snakes from Yamuna river and nearby areas. Ganga Prasad would first catch live snakes, then eat them raw.

Video went viral

6 days ago, dacoit Ganga Prasad Kewat was fishing on the banks of Yamuna. Suddenly a snake came under his boat. His companions started running away after seeing the snake. But Ganga Prasad caught the snake's hood. Then he dipped the snake in water and washed it and started eating it alive. Then one of his companions made a video of him eating the snake and posted it on social media. The video went viral in no time. This video also reached the police. The police said that the matter is being investigated.

Formed his own gang

Dacoit Ganga Prasad runs his own gang after the death of his guru Shankar Kewat. After returning from life imprisonment, he lives in his in-laws' house in Ahmedganj Tihar village in Kishanpur police station area. He is originally a resident of Kagar village of Kamasin in Banda district. Ganga Prasad claims that he can break several coconuts at a time with his head. Not only this, he can attack any person with his head and kill him.