These important decisions were taken in the meeting of the State Council of Ministers, CM Gehlot gave information


In the meeting of the State Council of Ministers, many important decisions were taken in the direction of sensitive, transparent, and accountable good governance. This meeting was held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Ashok Gehlot has given information about the decisions taken in the meeting by tweeting. He said by tweeting that the ministers would regularly review the departmental schemes along with resolving the public shortage complaint by staying at the Jaipur headquarters on the first three days of the week- Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

All the ministers in charge will have to visit the districts under their charge for at least 2 days per month. During this, they will hold public hearings and take feedback on the problems of the district with the public representatives, effective implementation of the schemes and programs of the state government, review them with the district administration.

The cabinet decided that a war campaign for Shuddh would be started from the first date of the coming year to prevent adulteration of food items in the state. The success of this campaign will be ensured till the grassroots level so that the common man can be saved from the consumption of adulterated food items.