There is no law and no government in Rajasthan, wherever you look there is corruption: Vasundhara Raje


Former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje has fiercely targeted the Ashok Gehlot government of the state during the inauguration program of Parivartan Sankalp Yatra-3 by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in Runicha, Jaisalmer, the holy land of Ramsa Pir.

In this regard, he tweeted that the people of Rajasthan, troubled by the misgovernance of Congress, have now started remembering the good governance of BJP, the proof of which is the huge turnout in the programme. He said through another tweet that there is neither law nor any government in Rajasthan. Everywhere you look there is corruption. There is loot and terror everywhere.

Everyday 7 murders and 20 rapes are taking place. Gang war, gang rape are happening every day. The Gehlot government has made a befitting attack on the respect of women, due to which Rajasthan has become number one in women's atrocities.