There is an open world of possibilities in digital marketing, know how you can increase yourself in this field.


There are job opportunities for digital marketing experts in almost every small and big company today. By the way, the most opportunities for such people are available in a digital marketing agency, online shopping company, retail company, and service providing company.

In the last few years, the trend of promoting every type of business through digital marketing has increased rapidly. It has increased further in the Corona period. All kinds of products and services are being promoted through the Internet. According to experts, the need for skilled digital marketers for every industry is increasing continuously in a country like India with the second largest population in the world. It can be said that youth interested in this field can advance themselves in this field by learning the necessary skills and staying updated...

A lot of new industries are now using digital marketing since the corona pandemic, instead of investing more money in digital marketing and such ads than ever before. Online marketing is also seen to be more effective than traditional marketing. Because the interference and influence of digital channels and internet media among the people have increased a lot. There is hardly anyone who does not watch WhatsApp or Facebook in the morning or is not active on it during the day. The purpose of marketing is to spread the information about your business to as many people as possible. In such a situation, by doing offline and online marketing together, more profits are being seen in the business. This is the reason why a large number of companies, small and large, are taking interest in digital marketing to reach their target customers in a short time. That is why every company and industry needs experts in digital marketing for their products or services.

What is a digital marketing

Digital marketing is also called online marketing or internet marketing. This type of marketing means promoting products and services through Internet media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). In traditional marketing, where products and services are promoted through banners, billboards, signboards, etc., digital marketing mainly uses Google Search, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, email, and websites.

Unlimited Possibilities

It is believed that in the next two to three years, the digital ad spending of the companies will also increase to almost the same as they are spending on print ads right now. This is the reason that unlimited possibilities are being seen in this field in terms of jobs. By the way, due to the increase in online activities after the corona epidemic, a lot of emphasis is being given to this type of marketing. Almost every company has its online platforms, apps, and websites, for which companies are also recruiting for positions like Digital Media Marketer, Social Media Manager to promote their brand (products/services). It is believed that the need for skilled digital marketers is increasing at a rapid pace in the last one and a half years with many companies coming into the online business and they are coming continuously.

Career opportunities

There are job opportunities for digital marketing experts in almost every small and big company today. By the way, the most opportunities for such people are available in a digital marketing agency, online shopping company, retail company, and service providing company. Apart from this, many corporate companies even private schools/colleges, coaching institutes, and portals are also taking the services of such professionals.

Demand in these roles

By acquiring the appropriate skills and skills, you can find jobs in this field as per your specialization in various fields like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Ads, Content Marketing, SEO Marketing. At present, there is a lot of demand for such people in this field these days.

Digital Marketing Consultant/Social Media Manager

Under digital marketing, social media managers, along with their team, look after the promotion of companies' brands through mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, WhatsApp and YouTube. However, with the changing and advancement of technology, their role is also changing. Along with writing content, such people have now started looking at the work of content and graphic designing apart from preparing info, ads. These people also see the work like analyzing the traffic of websites and apps by monitoring them. Experienced people of five to 10 years provide their services in this post.

Social media executive

This is a junior post as compared to Social Media Manager. Initially, the youth who come after taking the course of digital marketing get joining in this post. These professionals work as associates of social media managers, whose main task is to upload videos or image posts to social sites for the branding and marketing of companies.

Graphic Designers/Video Editors

Apart from content, images and videos are also being used a lot under digital marketing these days. In such a situation, graphics designers provide their services for preparing these images, designing the content on the image, etc. Similarly, video editors are required for editing the video and making it to the point.

Content creators

Content plays a major role in online marketing so that by engaging, influencing customers, and taking them to the call to action of the product or service. In such a situation, people who create such effective content are called content creators. To work under this profile, you must be able to write a good copy so that you can reach people about any product or service in an interesting/effective way in fewer words.

Essential skills

The youth who want to make a career in this field should learn subjects like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Ad, Content Marketing, SEO Marketing, Data Mining, only then they can move forward in this field rapidly. So try to learn as much as possible from live projects while studying it, don't depend on theory only. Apart from this, if your communication skills are good. If you know both speaking and writing well, then you can go a long way in digital marketing. So try to improve your communication skills as well.

Courses & Qualifications

Youth from any background can progress in this field by learning the skills of digital marketing. By the way, after graduation, you can do a course in digital marketing. At present, degree courses ranging from six months to three years are available in it. These courses are available in various institutes in India as well as in foreign universities. For the time being, it is suggested to the students that they should choose the same institute, where you can get more live projects and work experience. Check them out carefully before choosing cheap and free online courses.

Attractive pay package

The demand for skilled people in digital marketing is increasing continuously in every small and big company in the country. There are no skilled digital marketers in need. This is the reason why such people are also being offered good pay packages. If we talk about salary, then based on skill in India, a monthly salary ranging from 25-30 thousand rupees to 10 lakh rupees is being offered in digital marketing. Such professionals are getting five times more salary than this in foreign countries.