The weekend curfew will be imposed in Rajasthan from 11 o'clock tonight, these shops are allowed to open


A weekend curfew will be imposed in Rajasthan from 11 pm tonight, which will continue till 5 am on Monday. That is, there will be a curfew in the state for the whole day on Sunday. 


Because of the increasing infection of the Coronavirus in Rajasthan, the Ashok Gehlot government had decided to impose a public-discipline curfew in the entire state from 11 pm every Saturday night till 5 am on Monday till further orders.

However, during the curfew, shops selling milk, fruits, and vegetables will remain open in the state. The state government has also included shops related to the sale of milk, fruits and vegetables, and other food items in essential services by issuing orders.


The effect of curfew will also not apply: 

- Those factories, in which production is going on continuously.

Factories in which night shift is operational.

- IT/Telecom/E-commerce companies.

Chemist shop. 

- Places related to the wedding ceremony.

Offices related to essential and emergency services.

- Workplaces related to medical services.

- For commuting to the vaccination site. 

Passengers arriving/departing from bus stand, railway station, and airport.

- Persons employed in the movement of load vehicles carrying goods, loading, and unloading of goods.

No separate pass will be required for this.