The Gehlot government is playing with the lives of the elderly for political gains: Rajendra Rathore


Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore has targeted the Ashok Gehlot government of the state over the death of elderly Parasmal who reached the dearness relief camp in Pachpadra. BJP MLA Rajendra Rathore tweeted in this regard that the death of elderly Parasmal, who reached the dearness relief camp in Pachpadra, is a blot on the government.

I had said earlier through the press conference that coming to the camp in scorching heat would cause problems for the elderly, but the government is playing with their lives for political gains.

On the one hand, the central government is giving direct benefits of various schemes to the public through DBT, while the state government is deliberately forcing the elderly/disabled people to come to the camps in the scorching heat. When all the information is already available with the government then why the need for re-registration