The economy is getting boosted by solar power, and inverters made in India are being exported from America to Africa!


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The use of solar energy is increasing not only in India but all over the world. Solar energy is not only benefiting homes but also boosting the economy of countries. India has witnessed significant growth in solar panel production, with exports to various countries around the world. On the other hand, hybrid inverters play an important role in harnessing solar energy and their production has also increased. Let us learn how solar energy can be harnessed using hybrid inverters and how it can benefit the country.

Exports to the United States and Africa:

Recently, Pune-based company Moserbaer India started production of solar lithium power walls, also known as hybrid inverters. These inverters are used not only in homes but also to run industrial machinery. Ashutosh Verma of Moserbaer India said that all the components of these inverters are being manufactured in India. Such inverters not only help in reducing pollution but also boost the economy of the country. Currently, these inverters are being exported to the United States of America and African countries. This type of inverter is currently being exported to America and African countries.

Energy Conservation:

In these hybrid inverters, energy is harnessed from the solar panels, stored in a lithium battery inside the inverter, and then released for home use. Moreover, these inverters consume less energy and reduce dependence on urban electricity, thereby saving on electricity bills. Using hybrid inverters can contribute to energy conservation. Clean energy practices help create employment opportunities as well as make the environment pollution-free.

Reduction in Electricity Bill:

These hybrid inverters play an important role in reducing the electricity bill by using solar energy efficiently. By using solar panels and lithium batteries, energy from the sun can be stored and used when needed. As a result, households can save on electricity costs, and the burden on the national grid is reduced.

Employment Opportunities:

The growth in the solar energy sector, especially in the production of hybrid inverters, provides employment opportunities at various stages of manufacturing, distribution, and maintenance. It contributes to employment generation, which is essential for economic growth and stability.

Environment Friendly:

Using solar energy through hybrid inverters promotes clean energy practices and reduces pollution. Solar power is a renewable and eco-friendly source of energy that reduces the carbon footprint, making it a sustainable option for a clean environment.