Tazia Procession: Hinduism believes that God resides in every living being!


Tazia Procession: Hinduism believes that God resides in every living being. What the people of the Hindu community, who consider the whole world as their home, did in Bareilly is being praised all over the country today. They have set an example of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood. The branch of the Peepal tree that came in the way of the Tazia procession was cut down whereas a pit had to be dug here every year. 

Every year during Muharram, a thick branch of a Peepal tree became a headache for the Bareilly administration. This Peepal tree is situated in a Hindu-dominated area at a place where the Tazia procession passes through a narrow path every year. This tradition has been going on for many decades. In such a situation, Muslims were adamant about taking out the procession through this path. After 32 years of tension, this year a unique example of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood has been seen here.

Tension was created in 1992 

Yes, the first discussion to resolve this problem was started between local councilor Anees Sakalani and BJP official Sanjeev Mishra. In 1992, communal tension erupted in this area when a branch of a Peepal tree became an obstacle in the way of a 12-foot-high Tazia for the first time. This time people of both communities found a solution. Yes, that branch was cut with the consent of the Hindus. 

Hindus consider the Peepal tree sacred.

Actually, people of the Hindu community consider the Peepal tree holy. Hence they neither cut the tree nor cut its branches. Tension was arising every year in Bareilly but people of the Muslim community wanted the same route for the procession which has been in practice for a long time. At such times, heavy police force had to be deployed. There was a possibility of the atmosphere getting spoiled. This year the administration has heaved a sigh of relief. 

Then the pit began to be dug.

When minor incidents started happening, the administration would dig a 30-foot-long and 4-foot-deep pit every year for the Tazia procession to pass through. It would be filled up later. 

According to a TOI report, a local said that this peepal tree is 250 years old. There is a temple adjacent to it. Earlier there was no problem but with the repair, the road was raised due to which the branch of the tree started obstructing the Tazia. Political opportunists and anti-social elements took advantage of the situation to create tension.

80 percent of the population in the area is Hindu

Sanjeev Mishra said that several meetings were held with the mediation of police and officials. The area is 80% Hindu and this road leads to a large Muslim population. We tried to build a consensus. After the talks, it was decided to cut the branch. Puran Maurya said, 'There used to be 300 people in the procession but a crowd of 3,000 would block the street to see how the procession of Tazia passes through the pit. This often led to mud and became dangerous.'