TAIT Syndrome: You also have unnecessary fatigue, so be careful these are the symptoms of TAIT syndrome


Tait syndrome ie Tired all the time syndrome is a modern-day psychological problem. In which women feel tired all the time as compared to men. Today 1 out of every 10 people is a victim of Tait syndrome. People ignore it, due to which gradually this problem starts affecting the mind along with the body. The mood starts to remain irritable. So by paying attention to it in time, you can easily get rid of this problem.

Major symptoms

If someone has fatigue for six months in a row despite taking rest, it could be a symptom of Tate syndrome. Apart from this, heaviness in the eyelids, lack of concentration, enthusiasm and energy level, deep depression, and difficulty in taking decisions, etc. are also its main symptoms.

Obesity, anxiety, and stress etc. are the emotional reasons for this. Apart from this, wrong habits like excessive consumption of caffeine, alcohol and junk food, spending time with mobile till late night, further increase the symptoms of this problem.


Prevention and Treatment

- As far as possible, do household chores yourself, physical activity is helpful in relieving stress.

- Adopting regular yoga and meditation also gives relief.

- If there is no change in the symptoms even after these efforts, then contact a psychological counselor.

Its symptoms can be controlled with the help of cognitive behavior therapy.