Such cruelty was done with daughter-in-law: the child came out of the stomach, shocking incident of Rajasthan



The incident that has come to light from Bharatpur district of Rajasthan is terrifying. Where a brother-in-law did such brutality to his daughter-in-law that the four-month-old baby growing in her womb fell down.

Bharatpur. A case of brutality has come to light from Deeg district located near Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. A 32-year-old woman was beaten up so much by her brother-in-law that her 4-month-old fetus fell and came out of her body. The family members kept it in a bag and rushed straight to the doctor. The doctor said that the fetus has been aborted. But the mother's condition remains critical. This entire case is from Pasta village located in Khoh police station area of ​​Deeg district.

As soon as the husband went out, the brother-in-law did cruelty

Police said that there has been a land dispute between two brothers living in the village for about 3 years. Due to this dispute, both the parties beat each other every day. The name of the woman who has been admitted to the hospital is Radha. Radha is not in a condition to give a statement. Her husband told the police that the wife was sleeping in the room. He had gone to work. During this time, the brother-in-law came and beat the wife so much that her womb came out.

Doctors are surprised how a baby can come out of the stomach

Police said that the accused party is being searched. Radha has two children. One of them is a son and the other is a daughter. Due to the dispute between the two, other members of the family are now facing problems. It is worth mentioning that in Rajasthan, two to three murders and more than 100 cases of serious assault are reported every day due to land disputes. After this incident, even the doctors are surprised as to how a 4-month-old fetus can come out. The husband alleges that Radha was kicked hard on her stomach. Due to this, her fetus fell out through the urine. Radha's condition remains very critical.