State Transport: Seats are reserved for these people in buses, know this


A large number of people in the country travel by bus. Many types of facilities are provided to the people while traveling in the bus. While traveling in a bus, you must have seen reserved seat written on the seats many times.

Many people do not even sit on the respective seats. Today we are going to give you information for which people seats are reserved in the bus. Seats are reserved for disabled people in the bus. In this regard, the transport departments of different states of the country have made their own rules.

Apart from the disabled, recognized journalists are also given reservation in state transport buses. This type of recognition is given to these journalists by PIB or the state government. At the same time, seats are reserved for women in buses of many states. Only women have to sit on these seats. Although women cannot travel for free in these buses, they are given concessions by the government.

PC: abplive

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