Speaker election: BJP does not want any mistake, this is how NDA will be kept united


Speaker election: NDA has the numbers but don't make a mistake, this is how BJP will keep the MPs united

The election of the speaker of Lok Sabha will be held today. Voting for the speaker will be held between Om Birla from NDA and K Suresh from the opposition alliance India. Before the speaker election, NDA is trying to keep its numbers united. There are currently 542 MPs in the 543-member Lok Sabha.

Om Birla and K Suresh

This is going to happen for the third time in the history of the country, when consensus could not be reached on the post of Speaker and the need to hold elections has arisen. Om Birla from the ruling party i.e. NDA and K Suresh from Congress filed their nominations yesterday. Voting will be held at 11 am to elect the Speaker in the Lok Sabha. The opposition does not have the numbers in the Lok Sabha. At the same time, TMC has also said that there was no consultation with them regarding this. Despite this, they have fielded their candidate for the post of Speaker.

According to sources, Akali Dal MP from Nagine Chandrashekhar, Shillong MP Dr Ricky Andrew can also vote in support of the NDA candidate. At the same time, NDA is engaged in floor management before the Speaker election. Today, NDA leaders will hold meetings over breakfast. All the MPs from Maharashtra will meet at Maharashtra Sadan, while UP MPs will meet for breakfast at Pankaj Chaudhary's house. All the Northeast MPs including Assam and Andhra Pradesh MPs will meet for breakfast at Sarbananda Sonowal's house at 50 Ashoka Road. Karnataka MPs will meet for breakfast at Union Minister Prahlad Joshi's house.

K Suresh has a tough road ahead

Before the Speaker election, NDA is trying to keep its numbers united. After breakfast, everyone will reach the Parliament together. If Om Birla is elected Speaker today, then this will also be a historic moment because this will be the first time when the same person from BJP will be elected Speaker for the second consecutive time. On the other hand, INDIA's candidate K Suresh is an 8-time MP from Mavelikara in Kerala, but let us explain to you how difficult his path is in this election.

India alliance needs 271 votes to win

There are currently 542 MPs in the 543-member Lok Sabha. After Rahul Gandhi's resignation, the Wayanad seat has fallen vacant. The NDA with 293 MPs has a clear majority in the House, while the INDIA alliance has 236 MPs. Apart from this, there are 13 other MPs including independents. If these 13 MPs vote for the India alliance, the number will still remain 249, but the India alliance will need 271 votes to win the Speaker's election. It has 22 MPs less.

How can India win?

INDIA can win this election only when parties like JDU and TDP, which are part of NDA, do cross voting, while both the parties have decided today to go with the BJP-supported candidate. At the same time, there is also news from sources that Jagan Mohan's YSRCP will also support Om Birla. Lok Sabha Speaker is being elected for the third time in 72 years. The first election was held on 15 May 1952. The second was held on 5 January 1976 and the third is going to be held on 26 June 2024.

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