Sonia Gandhi can become Rajya Sabha MP from Rajasthan, this reason came to light.


Now Rajya Sabha elections are going to be held for three seats of Rajasthan. Of these, there is every possibility that two seats will be captured by BJP and one by Congress. For this, preparations have started from both the parties. A surprising name may emerge as a candidate from Congress.

That name could be that of former national president of the party, Sonia Gandhi. Former PM Manmohan Singh is currently a Rajya Sabha MP from Rajasthan. His tenure is about to end. His age is also 92 years. If reports are to be believed, Manmohan Singh has expressed the party's desire not to make him a Rajya Sabha MP again citing health reasons.

If he does not again become a candidate for the Rajya Sabha seat from Rajasthan, Sonia Gandhi can be made the candidate. Sonia Gandhi is currently an MP from Rae Bareli, Uttar Pradesh. If reports are to be believed, Priyanka Gandhi can be made a candidate from this seat in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. 

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