Sikkim: Know AI-Based Traffic Management System!

AI-Based Traffic Management System:  It has been announced by the Sikkim Transport Department that the traffic management system will be started in the state through Artificial Intelligence. 


AI-Based Traffic Management System: Today the world is being saved by Artificial Intelligence i.e. AI in India. AI is being used in every sector, be it hospitals, schools, or any government institution. Everyone is using AI. AI is a tool that can make decisions on its own and give you results as per your needs. This entire process takes only a few seconds. In such a situation, it has the ability to work faster than humans. Very soon AI will take notice of people who continuously violate traffic rules. AI will fine such people and this entire process happens at the speed of a bullet.  


Announcement made by Sikkim Transport Department 

Now you are going to see the wonders of technology on the roads of Sikkim. It has been announced by the Sikkim Transport Department that a traffic management system will be started in the state through Artificial Intelligence. After this announcement, the problems of people who continuously ignore traffic rules are going to increase. Such people may now have to pay a heavy price for their mistake. Now the issue of challan will not be done by the traffic police but by AI and with this people will also be made aware of the traffic rules.  

Cameras with AI technology will be installed 

Most of the states now have given preference only to speed limit challan or red light cross. But AI-less cameras will no longer just measure the speed limit! Now it will be able to capture everything from highway lane driving to vehicle accounting.

The department is going to install smart cameras on the roads which will be equipped with AI technology, which will help in stopping those violating traffic rules. To carry out this entire process, artificial intelligence-based cameras will be installed, which will be able to easily identify people involved in triple riding and overloading or even talking on mobile while driving and will be able to issue challan against such people immediately. If any vehicle is running whose time has expired or a vehicle is running without valid PUC, then these cameras will identify such vehicles and then challan the vehicles. According to the information, this traffic management system will go live on May 25.