Shock: CNG-PNG became expensive in Delhi-NCR, know how much the prices increased


With the increase in the price of petrol and diesel in Delhi, now the prices of CNG and PNG have also increased. CNG has become costlier by Rs 2.28 per kg in Delhi while Rs 2.55 per kg in Noida, Ghaziabad. Similarly, the price of PNG has increased by Rs 2.10.

petrol pump

According to Indraprastha Gas Limited, CNG price in Delhi was increased by Rs 2.28 per kg on Friday, while in Noida, Ghaziabad, and Greater Noida by Rs 2.55 per kg due to the 62 percent costlier on Thursday. Apart from this, the price of PNG has been increased by Rs 2.10 per cubic meter.

Commercial LPG cylinder costlier by Rs 43.50
Petroleum companies have increased the price of commercial LPG cylinders by Rs 43.50. The new prices became effective from Friday itself. However, there has been no change in the prices of domestic LPG cylinders. The price of a 19 kg commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi has gone up to Rs 1736.50. Earlier its price was Rs 1693. On September 1, the price of commercial LPG cylinders was increased by Rs 75.

Air fuel prices also increased by 5.8 percent
The price of air fuel (ATF) used in aircraft has also been increased by 5.8 percent. Now the ATF price in Delhi is Rs 72582.16 per kiloliter, while in Mumbai it has gone up to Rs 70,880.33 per kiloliter. This will also affect air travel tickets.


the new price of CNG
City   Rs/kg

Delhi 47.48
Noida   53.45
Ghaziabad   53.45
Gurugram   55.81
Rewari 56.50
Karnal 54.70
Kaithal 54.70
Muzaffarnagar 60.71
Meerut   60.71
Shamli   60.71
Kanpur   63.97
Fatehpur 63.97
Hamirpur 63.97

the new value of png
City   Rs/cubic meter
Delhi 33.01
Noida   32.86
Ghaziabad   32.86