Shiv Sena crisis: How to reinstate a CM who resigned before the floor test - Supreme Court


The Shiv Sena political crisis is again in discussions after a year, the reason being that the Supreme Court has reserved its verdict in this matter after the hearing and has said that how Uddhav Thackeray can restore the government in Maharashtra again. While he finds the Governor's action of seeking a vote of confidence illegal.

In this case, the Supreme Court bench of judges said that the former Chief Minister had resigned without facing the floor test, accepting that he was in the minority. In such a situation, how can Uddhav Thackeray restore the government again. The petitions filed in the wake of the Shiv Sena political crisis have been heard.

In this case, Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud conducted the hearing, and the apex court, after hearing arguments for nine days, reserved its judgment with regard to the Maharashtra political crisis.