She kept thrashing the girl saying that she was the shadow of three devils, burnt her palms… This is how a female tantrik killed the innocent girl


In Lakhimpur Kheri, UP, superstition took a heavy toll on an innocent's life. A female tantrik crossed all limits of cruelty here. She said that a 3-year-old innocent was possessed by three devils and claimed to cure her. It is alleged that the female tantrik behaved brutally with the innocent, due to which her health deteriorated. The girl died during treatment.

Symbolic picture.

In Lakhimpur Kheri, Uttar Pradesh, a three-year-old girl was killed by a female tantrik. The sick girl was brought to the female tantrik for treatment. In the name of treatment, the female tantrik said that the girl's head is under the influence of three devils. To get them out, she started banging the girl hard. The female tantrik even burnt both her palms. This led to the death of the girl.

The girl could have been saved. But the family members were also careless. When the girl got a cold and flu, instead of taking her to the doctor, they took her to a female tantrik. When the female tantrik performed exorcism, the girl's health deteriorated further. This led to her death. The incident is from Mijharia village of Ramiyabehad. Sandeep's 3-year-old daughter Mahi had a fever. She was also getting seizures at times.

They got her treated by doctors. But it did not make any difference. Then they were advised to take the girl to a bigger hospital. But the family had heard about a female tantrik from somewhere. Instead of taking the girl to a bigger hospital, they took her to a female tantrik.

Also took 1500 rupees

It is alleged that the woman tantrik here claimed to cure Mahi by using tantra mantras saying that there was a shadow of three devils on her head. She also took Rs. 1500. According to the family, the woman tantrik first beat Mahi, burnt both her palms with a burning ember. Then she slammed her on the bed several times. Mahi's condition worsened due to the torture. After this, the family admitted her in the district hospital in a critical condition. When her condition became critical, the doctors referred her to Lucknow. But, due to poor financial condition, the family brought Mahi home.

The policemen helped

On getting the information, Ramiyabehad's SI Virendra Singh collected donations from fellow policemen and sent her to Lucknow for treatment. Here the doctor talked about doing an operation. After the donation amount received from the policemen was spent on tests and medicines, the family brought the girl home. Mahi said goodbye to the world on Sunday morning. On receiving the information of Mahi's death, the police reached and sent the body for post-mortem. The family has demanded action against the female tantrik.