SBI Alert: You should also know this important thing, otherwise no one will be able to stop the account from being cleared


If your account is also in SBI Bank and you also do transactions then there is a very big news for you. If you read this news carefully then it can be beneficial for you. According to the information, more messages from scammers are being sent to many customers of SBI. 

In which the message has been claimed that your account will be temporarily locked due to suspicious activities. If you also get a similar message, then you also do not have to reply to this message nor open the link coming in it. This message is being forwarded by a scammer. For this, a complaint has also been asked from SBI. 

It has been told by PIB that such messages or emails should not be answered and banking information should also not be shared. If any such activity happens then report it. Also, do not click on the link sent by the scammer. If you do this then your money will go into the hands of scammers.