Regarding employment, Rahul Gandhi said - the real face of the BJP is now in front of the youth.


Former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi has once again targeted the BJP government regarding employment. Rahul Gandhi has now expressed his views about a person from UP through social media.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted in this regard that every youth who talks about employment is seen as an enemy of the BJP and its system. Amit had only told me his pain during the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, is this also a crime in the BJP government? The real face of the BJP, which has trapped job seekers in the cycle of harassment and forced them to wander from door to door, is now in front of the youth.

Congress understands the pain of youth

Rahul Gandhi said that Congress understands the pain of unemployed youth, and we will first work to heal the wounds of the youth by filling 30 lakh vacant government posts. An employment revolution is about to come in the country.

Youth are running from pillar to post for jobs: Congress.

Earlier, Congress had shared this video and tweeted in this regard. Congress had tweeted that this is Amit Maurya, he is associated with the teacher recruitment of UP, the recruitment for which the youth have been wandering for almost 2 years. 

During the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra, Amit Maurya met mass leader Rahul Gandhi and told him about this injustice. Since then, efforts have been made to deliberately harass Amit Maurya. Today these youth are struggling from door to door to get a job. Instead of giving them jobs, the BJP government gets them beaten and tortured by the police. We are with these youth in this fight against injustice, until they get their right to justice.

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