Raju: Digital Beggar Raju Died!


Digital Beggar Raju Died: Raju, who earned his living by online begging, died in Bettiah, Bihar. Raju considered himself the country's first digital beggar. Raju was proud to be a part of Digital India at his level. Raju used to beg at Bettiah railway station in Bihar. Be it the daily passengers of Bettiah or the people visiting the station, everyone recognized Raju. The digital QR code hanging around Raju's neck had become his identity. This was his identity, which made him famous across the country.


There is no official data on the number of beggars in the country. Beggars often beg outside street intersections, temples, railway stations, and bus stands. But the story of Raju, who was begging for 32 years at Bettiah railway station in Bihar, was different. As times changed, Raju also developed himself according to the times. In such a situation, Raju changed his way of begging and became one of the few beggars in the country who call themselves digital beggars.

Raju used to take alms from Google Pay.

Hanging around the neck is a bar code with options for Phone Pay, Google Pay, and Paytm. Tablet in hand. This was the identity of Raju who was begging at Bettiah railway station. Raju was a fan of Bihar leader Lalu Prasad Yadav and the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Raju, who calls Lalu Papa, used to listen to episodes of PM Modi's 'Mann Ki Baat'.

death from a heart attack

People who often provide financial support to Raju i.e. alms are saddened by Raju's death. He liked Raju's nature. Those people who never donated anything to Raju are also missing Raju. Just as daily passengers started recognizing the stall holders and porters on the platform of a railway station, in the same way, the daily passengers of Bettiah district started recognizing Raju. He also looked sad about Raju's death. Raju died of a heart attack. Raju breathed his last in GMCH.


Inspired by PM Modi and a big fan of Lalu

Raju used to beg from the QR code tab mic. Influenced by Prime Minister Modi, he was the first to start begging digitally. Raju, who was begging at Bettiah Railway Station Bus Stand Station Chowk, was a big fan of Lalu Yadav. Raju used to call himself Lalu Yadav's son. When Lalu Yadav was the Railway Minister, Raju used to get food both times from the railway canteen. The crowd has gathered in GMCH to see Raju.