Rajendra Rathore took a jibe at the Gehlot government over the mutual tussle between the ministers!


The Bharatiya Janata Party has targeted the Ashok Gehlot government over the reports of a ministerial tussle in Rajasthan. Veteran BJP leader Rajendra Rathod has taunted the Congress government of the state by tweeting in this regard.

He tweeted that why is there so much angst at the call of removal from creamy posts? For the second time in the history of Rajasthan, in the meeting of the Council of Ministers for the second time, due to the ongoing dispute between the ministers, the situation of head-footing has now become a custom here. At the same time, due to the political fight in the meeting, the issues of the public have disappeared. 

In the Congress government, only the people of the state are being harmed due to the fight, tussle, and sparring between the ministers. It has been proved from the rhetoric of the ministers that the campaign with the villages and cities of the administration has proved to be a complete failure.