Rajendra Rathore targeted Gehlot after getting crores of cash in Yojana Bhawan


Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore has targeted the Ashok Gehlot government of the state for getting crores of cash in the basement of Yojana Bhawan. BJP MLA Rajendra Rathore has tweeted in this regard. 

He tweeted that the Gangotri of corruption has finally reached the secretariat. The recovery of crores of rupees in cash and gold from the Rajasthan Secretariat, where Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot sits and runs the government, is proof that the Gehlot government is in the role of a patron of corruption. 

Chief Minister, who stated that the Rs 2000 note will be out of circulation, just tell me why your secretariat is spewing out countless Rs 2000 notes. Crores of rupees were kept hidden in Yojana Bhawan's Information and Technology Department to fulfill what objectives? No officers of departments like IT, ED, and ACB were involved in the press conference called in a hurry to hide their black deeds, what is the matter?