Rajendra Rathore considered the officials of the electricity department responsible for this incident, said this big thing


Deputy Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathod has expressed grief over the incident of cousins ​​Meenakshi and Prince, residents of Kudgaon, Karauli coming under the grip of 11,000 KV line at a wedding ceremony on January 23.

For this, he has held the electricity department responsible. In this regard, he tweeted that this heart-wrenching incident happened with innocent people due to the inaction and negligence of the officials of the Electricity Department.

If the Electricity Department had taken proper action in time on the repeated complaints about removal of 11,000 KV lines, then this accident might not have happened.

Significantly, cousins ​​Meenakshi and Prince had gone to the marriage garden with the family to attend the wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, both of them reached the terrace while playing. Here both the brothers and sisters came under the grip of 11000 KV line. Both are fighting the battle of life in the hospital for four days now.