Rajendra Rathore asked Priyanka Gandhi to answer these questions, said this big thing


Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore has sought answers from Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi regarding price rise and crimes against women in Rajasthan. 

In this regard, BJP MLA Rajendra Rathod wrote on X that Priyanka Gandhi ji, before asking the question of inflation to the Central Government, ask your Congress government in Rajasthan to take necessary and effective steps to control inflation as per point 49 of page 38 of the public manifesto. 

What happened to the announcement of lifting? Why did the Chief Minister remember the inflation relief camp 6 months before the elections? Why is inflation at its peak in Rajasthan today due to highest VAT on petrol and diesel, highest mandi tax and most expensive electricity? 

Due to increasing crime in the state, today sisters and daughters are afraid to even step out of the house. The continuous brutal incidents happening with women in the state are proving time and again that the deaf and dumb Congress government has nothing to do with the safety of women.