Rajendra Rathore also targeted CM Gehlot, said- Why is the condition of Rajasthan worse today?


Now BJP leader Rajendra Rathod has also given his reaction on the statement of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot calling BJP leaders fools. Due to this, BJP state president Satish Poonia had targeted CM Gehlot.

Rajendra Rathod has targeted the Congress government along with Ashok Gehlot by tweeting in this regard. He tweeted that the super knowledgeable Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot Ji, everyone is a fool in the BJP, but why is the condition of Rajasthan worse today, having a knowledgeable Chief Minister like you? Congrats to the great leaders of the Congress government, which is battling infighting, to their knowledgeable Chief Minister. 

Chief Minister, take a look -

1. According to NCRB, Rajasthan ranks first in the country in rape cases, second in crimes against scheduled tribes, and third against scheduled castes.

2. According to the report of CMIE, the unemployment rate in Rajasthan in September is 17.9 percent i.e. Rajasthan is second in the country.

3. Knowledgeable Chief Minister, in the Transparency International report, 64 percent of the citizens of the state have accepted that no work is done in your government without a bribe.

4. In your state, the highest VAT on petrol and diesel is 36 percent and 26 percent respectively.

5. Budgetary announcements in your rule are not on the ground outside the papers.

6. Knowledgeable Chief Minister, under your rule, the most expensive electricity in the country is in Rajasthan and your government is completely responsible for the current power crisis of the state. You are blaming the Government of India for the shortage of coal but you did not buy coal for the whole year and also owe Rs 600 crore.