Rajasthan's BJP government deflated Modi's guarantee through Vote on Account: Ashok Gehlot


Finance Minister Diya Kumari presented the first budget of BJP's Bhajan Lal government in Rajasthan Assembly. Former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has given his reaction to this. Regarding this budget, the former CM has also targeted the Narendra Modi government at the Centre.

Ashok Gehlot tweeted in this regard that all the financial indicators of the Rajasthan Government have been better than the Government of India. The state GDP of Rajasthan was around Rs 9 lakh crore in 2018, which will increase to around Rs 15 lakh crore in 2023 and Rajasthan reached number 1 in North India and number 2 in the country in economic growth rate. With today's vote on account, the BJP government of Rajasthan has deflated "Modi's guarantee" because in the elections, Modi ji had given a guarantee to make the prices of petrol and diesel in Rajasthan at par with the neighbouring states like Gujarat and UP, but today in the vote of account, it was not implemented. Has not even been mentioned.

This shows that Modi's guarantees are completely hollow. By the way, Modiji has stolen the word guarantee from the Congress campaign. Displaying anti-farmer thinking, the BJP government has abolished the separate agriculture budget started by our government whereas the Honorable Agriculture Minister of the present BJP government welcomed this initiative of ours after assuming office.

Announcing the DPR of Sitapura to Ambabadi Metro in the Vote on Account shows that our government's vision was right even 10 years ago. If the previous BJP government had not stopped its work, the metro would have been ready at a lower cost and the situation of heavy traffic jams in Jaipur today would not have arisen.

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