Rajasthan: Widows of ex-servicemen will now get Rs 25 thousand in Amalgamated Fund!


Now in Rajasthan, widows of ex-servicemen from the rank of constable to Havildar will also get an amalgamated fund of Rs 25,000 in addition to the assistance given by the Central Government for the marriage of their two daughters. Governor Kalraj Mishra has approved it.

Kalraj Mishra, while addressing the 16th meeting of the Rajya Sainik Board at Raj Bhavan on Thursday, said that war memorials should be established at the district and tehsil level in the state. He expressed the need to work for this in a phased manner and to prepare them in such a way that feelings of patriotism can be instilled among the people.

During this time, Governor Mishra, keeping sensitivity on the schemes and decisions related to ex-servicemen, veterans and their dependents, prepared proposals and directed for effective work on them by finance, personnel and other departments of the state. He also gave instructions to work seriously for effective resolution of the problems of ex-servicemen.

PC: dipr.rajasthan

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