Rajasthan: Who will increase tension in BJP after the show of strength on March 4, the message being given to Delhi on the pretext of Raje's birthday


Assembly elections are to be held in Rajasthan this year and Congress and BJP have already started election preparations before these elections.

In such a situation, let us tell you that former Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje is also going to show her strength. This time Vasundhara Raje is going to celebrate her birthday on 4th March. By the way, Raje's birthday falls on the 8th of March.

But this time Raje is celebrating her birthday on March 4 only and a meeting is also being organized on this day at Salasar ji in Churu. In such a situation, the closest and most loyal leader of Vasundhara Raje is preparing to mobilize the crowd.

It is also seen as a show of strength. So that this message can be given to the high command that even now only Vasundhara Raje keeps her identity in the party and in the state.

In such a situation, it is also tension for those who do not belong to the Vasundhara group. This is because all the big leaders who are inside cannot protest openly, but after this show of strength, this message will go to Delhi that Rajasthan is still in the hands of Vasundhara. In such a situation, it will be a very troubling situation for the opposing group.