Rajasthan weather update: Heavy rain may occur in many districts of the state today, and farmers' worries may increase.


Constant weather changes are being seen in Rajasthan. Western disturbance has become active in many parts of Rajasthan. Due to western disturbance, the weather in the state has become pleasant in the early part of April. Due to the effect of the western disturbance, there is a possibility of heavy rain in many districts of the state today and tomorrow. 


According to the Meteorological Department, people have got relief from the heat due to western disturbances active in many parts of Rajasthan. Many districts of the state have been cloudy since this morning. 


Seeing the possibility of rain in the state, lines of worry have started appearing on the foreheads of the farmers. Mustard, wheat and garlic are cut in the fields. In such a situation, if it rains now, the crops of the farmers may get spoiled. Due to this, they may suffer considerable loss. People may also have to face severe heat in the coming time.

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