Rajasthan weather update: Alert of storm and rain in the state, weather will change from this day


Due to the decreasing effect of western disturbance, people of Rajasthan are facing the heat due to the increase in temperature. For this reason, the day temperature in the state reached 40 degrees on Sunday. This temperature was recorded in Phalodi.

However, the people of Rajasthan will soon get relief from the heat. Due to the influence of easterly wind in the state from April 10-11, the temperature is expected to drop once again in some parts of southern and south-eastern Rajasthan. The Meteorological Department has predicted the possibility of thunderstorms and rain in these areas of the state from April 10 to 11.

According to the Meteorological Department, a strong western disturbance may be active from April 13 to 15. Due to its effect, there may be thunderstorms and rain in some parts of Rajasthan. With this happening, the people of Rajasthan will get relief from the scorching heat in April. This is expected to reduce the temperature in the state.

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