Rajasthan Weather Alert: The period of thunderstorms and rains will continue in the state


Once again the weather took a turn in Rajasthan. Due to this, there was a strong storm in many districts of Rajasthan including the capital Jaipur, Jodhpur on Sunday. After this, the rainy season will start in many areas. 

Drizzle was seen in the capital in the morning. According to the Meteorological Department, the weather may remain like this in the state for the next four days. Under this, there will be a period of thunderstorms and rain. The department is anticipating a thunderstorm with a speed of 30 to 50 km per hour.

Due to this, there is a possibility of seeing a drop of up to 3 degrees in the temperature in the state. These days the effect of cyclonic storm Moka is being seen in Rajasthan. Because of this, it rained in Jaipur late on Sunday night as well. Due to the change in the weather, people have got relief from the heat.