Rajasthan Weather Alert: Heatwave and thunderstorm alert in many areas including Jaipur


People are now facing severe heat in Rajasthan. A heatwave and thunderstorm alert has been issued by the Meteorological Department for today in many areas including the capital Jaipur. There is a strong possibility of 1 to 2-degree rise in temperature today.

According to the Meteorological Department, today there is a possibility of heatwave in most parts of the districts of Jodhpur and Bikaner divisions of West Rajasthan. During this time the maximum temperature of these areas can be recorded above 45 degrees Celsius. In some parts of East Rajasthan, the maximum temperature can go up to 42 to 44 degrees. 

Again a new western disturbance seems to be getting ready in the state. Due to its effect, strong thunderstorms can occur at some places in Jodhpur, Bikaner division, and Shekhawati region from Saturday and Sunday afternoon. However, due to the activities of thunderstorms and rain on May 15 and 16, a drop in temperature can also be recorded.