Rajasthan: Union Minister Gajendra Singh hit back at CM Gehlot!


There may be 6 months left for the elections in Rajasthan, but the politics has already started. There is such a statement of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot after which there has been an earthquake in the politics of Rajasthan. After this statement, the MLAs of BJP and Congress Pilot camp are peeping in the armpits. 

Although Gehlot's statement that Vasundhara Raje's cooperation was there in saving his government, how true is this statement, only Gehlot himself or Vasundhara Raje can tell. But after this statement, Raje herself is also saying that Gehlot is conspiring against me. At the same time, Union Minister Gajendra Singh has also targeted Gehlot.

Gajendra Singh says that CM Ashok Gehlot is lying and is a number one liar. If he is truthful then why didn't he get a case registered against the MLAs who did the transaction. Gajendra Singh said that he wants to prove the opposition camp of his own party as traitors. 

pc- Jan Satta