Rajasthan: This time government schools will not get long holidays on Diwali!


Due to the loss of studies due to the Corona epidemic, this time in Rajasthan, students will not get the mid-term holiday coming around Diwali. According to reports, the state education department has canceled the mid-term holiday this time around Diwali.

Holidays for Diwali will be fixed by the government, but normally there will be no mid-term holidays of 10 to 15 days. According to reports, such an order has been issued by the Directorate of Education, Bikaner on Tuesday.

The students are already lagging behind the syllabus due to the closure of schools in the state during the period of the corona pandemic. According to the Education Department, this decision has been taken to minimize the loss to the students due to the closure of the school.

There is usually a ten-day holiday in schools during Diwali. This time Diwali will be a government holiday from November 4 to 6. Students will have classes till November 3. After that Diwali will be on 4th November, Govardhan Puja on 5th, and Bhaiya Dooj on 6th. On the other hand, the number seven will be Sunday.