Rajasthan: This disease is causing trouble after corona, is spreading from animals to humans


In Rajasthan, the effect of the second wave of the corona has reduced so far that now a new disease has started spreading its feet. Leptospirosis disease has now raised concern in some districts of the state. Now patients suffering from this disease are being found in the state. 

According to reports, patients suffering from this disease are coming out every day in some districts of Rajasthan. The Health Department has directed the CMHOs of all the districts to make necessary arrangements to prevent the spread of the disease.

The department has also given instructions to ensure the availability of medicines along with the guidelines. According to doctors, this disease is spread due to bacteria called Leptospira. This bacteria is found in wild and domesticated animals. The place where water collects is more likely to spread this disease. In this disease, the patient feels pain in the muscles along with fever. It has many other symptoms.