Rajasthan: This bill will become the election weapon of Congress in the assembly elections!


In Rajasthan, the Right to Health Bill (RTH) is being opposed by the doctor of a private hospital. Due to this, the common man is also having to worry. Doctors of private hospitals are protesting against the bill. The government is in no mood to take it back. Seeing the performance of the doctors, the Gehlot government has even removed the recruitment of one thousand new junior residents.

According to the Gehlot government of the state, the aim of the Right to Health Bill is to provide better medical facilities to the people of the state. That is why the government is adamant about making it a law. It is believed that the Ashok Gehlot government of the state wants to make the Right to Health Bill an election weapon.

Such provisions have been made in the bill, which will directly benefit the general public. Assembly elections are to be held in Rajasthan this year. Congress can get benefit from the Right to Health Bill in the state.