Rajasthan: The Vice President addressed the girl students, said- India is in a strong position today


Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar is on a tour of Rajasthan, on the first day of his tour he addressed the girl students at Maharani College in Jaipur on the topic of women's participation in national building. On this occasion, Dhankhar said that today India is in a strong position. Don't know why some people want to show strong India as helpless. 

On this occasion, he told the students that it is the job of all of you to answer whoever does this work. He told the girl students – you become a critic. Act wisely, keep your word. Ultimately the decision should be in favor of the country.

On this occasion, the Vice President said that he will not tolerate anyone tarnishing the dignity of our country and our institutions. We have to reject such forces. I have seen women power closely. That power has been examined closely. I was the Governor of West Bengal for three years. That time also gets added to it.