Rajasthan: The matter heated up on the ban issue of Bajrang Dal, BJP leaders said - If you have the courage then show it in Rajasthan


In Rajasthan, as the elections are nearing, one or the other new issue comes up. BJP has come into aggressive mode on the issue of the ban on Bajrang Dal by the Congress in Karnataka. Here in Rajasthan, BJP state president CP Joshi has cornered the Congress in this matter. 

Talking to the media in Lalsot, BJP State President CP Joshi and Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore surrounded Congress in the matter of the statement banning Bajrang Dal. The state president said that only Bajrangi will do the work of demolishing the corruption-like Lanka of the Congress. In the matter of airing a video against the Prime Minister on the screen installed at Dausa's inflation relief camp, the BJP state president said that this is the negative politics of the Congress. On the other hand, on the question of banning Bajrang Dal in Karnataka, Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore said that doing politics of appeasement has been in the nature of the Congress party since the beginning. 

Rajendra Rathore said that the Congress has undeclaredly banned it in Rajasthan as well. Here in Karauli on Ram Navami, stones are pelted by the rioters. He said that if the government has the courage, try banning it in Rajasthan. Then see its result also.

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