Rajasthan: The electricity system of the state had collapsed due to mismanagement of the previous government: Bhajanlal Sharma


Chief Minister Bhajan Lal Sharma has targeted the previous government regarding electricity. 

CM Bhajan Lal Sharma, while addressing the ceremony organized at the Chief Minister's Office on Sunday on the occasion of the signing of MOU and PPA worth Rs 1.60 lakh crore for thermal and renewable energy projects, transmission system, expansion and strengthening and other development works, said that the mismanagement of the previous government. Due to this, the power system of the state collapsed and there was a power crisis in the state. Our thermal power stations were facing a shortage of coal.

Due to the economic mismanagement of the previous government, electricity was purchased from the power exchange at expensive rates, which not only caused economic losses but also affected industrial development and agricultural production. During this, CM Bhajanlal Sharma said that the state's discoms were on the verge of bankruptcy with a debt of Rs 88 thousand 700 crore and the total debt burden on all the power companies of the state was more than Rs 1 lakh 39 thousand 200 crore.

CM said that a penalty of Rs 300 crore was also imposed on the power companies for not repaying the loan on time.

PC: dipr.rajasthan