Rajasthan: Seeing the picture of Sachin Pilot and Maken, there was a stir in the Gehlot group, change is going to happen in Rajasthan!


Congress convention has ended in Raipur and during this time big leaders of Congress party reached there and all expressed their views. Many issues were also discussed. But many such pictures have also come to the fore, seeing which it can also be inferred that some deep issue is being discussed.

One such photo has come to the fore of Sachin Pilot and former in-charge of Rajasthan, Ajay Maken, who were seen talking separately on one side. This picture is from the second day of the convention in which Sachin Pilot and Ajay Maken were seen having a long conversation. Last year, the Congress Legislature Party meeting convened by Ajay Maken was boycotted by most of the MLAs. In such a situation, after seeing these photos, once again the discussion is in full swing that there has been a discussion between these two about some new changes taking place in Rajasthan. 

After which both Pilot and Maken clashed with Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot over the Legislature Party meeting. Not only this, when the members of the committee reached the session in two buses, Chief Minister Gehlot and former Congress in-charge Maken were in the same bus.