Rajasthan: Sachin Pilot will form a new party! There can be a big announcement on this day


Before the assembly elections to be held in Rajasthan this year, former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot seems to be in a mood to make a big bang. This may increase the tension in Congress. Sachin Pilot can announce a new party. 

According to reports, political strategist Prashant Kishor's company I-Pac has got the task of making the 'Political Strategy' of Sachin Pilot. 

There is even news that Prashant Kishor has strategically chosen the day of Rajesh Pilot's death anniversary to groom the career of former State President Sachin Pilot. Rajesh Pilot's death anniversary is on 11th June. 

Sachin Pilot's new party can be announced on this day. This announcement of the new party of former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot can be made in the name of the 'Progressive Congress Party', Rajasthan Vikas Party, or 'YSP Congress Party' on the lines of YSR Party. Now the coming time will tell whether Pilot separates from Congress or not.