Rajasthan: Raje targeted the CM, said - neither the Gandhi family nor their MLAs are listening to Gehlot


There is still time for the Rajasthan assembly elections, but before that, the round of allegations and counter-allegations has already started here. Congress is fighting with its infighting. But BJP is taking advantage of this. After CM Gehlot's statement that Vasundhara Raje will save the government in 2020, now Vasundhara Raje targeted him.

He has tweeted targeting Ashok Gehlot. He has written that the truth is that neither the Gandhi family nor his MLA is listening to Gehlot Ji. Pilots rebel so differently. Afraid of his impending defeat, Gehlot is saying anything to get noticed by Rahul Gandhi.

Earlier, he wrote in a tweet targeting the Gehlot government of the state, doesn't the Chief Minister remember that half of the country's population was deprived of facilities like toilets for 8 years? Didn't Congress get power many times by giving the slogan of Garibi Hatao? The false slogan of Congress is to remove poverty. He wrote in another tweet that CM probably also forgot that Nehruvian policies made India a poor country.

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